Accounts Payable Employee Ann Dailey Exemplifies WSI Spirit - Sep 2016

During our 50th anniversary celebration, we want to take some time to acknowledge, thank and highlight a few of the many hardworking and loyal employees who embody WSIs vision of absolute reliability to the customer, enthusiastic service to the community and dedication to the balance between work and life.

Ann Dailey, Accounts Payable at the WSI Home Office, started as a Client Service Representative at Specialists Avenue in Neenah in 1992. She has been with the company for 24 years as of May 2016. In fact, the feature of our first 50th anniversary profile, Joe Romenesko, was her first manager. Mike Coenen and Tom Breaker were her later managers. We sat down with Ann earlier this month to discuss her roles at WSI, her dedication to her family and her commitment to instilling in her daughters the same incredible work ethic and high moral fiber that Ann herself exhibits, and her thoughts on WSIs bright future:

I worked on a few different accounts, including Pelican Paper Products and Appleton Papers, Ann said, continuing that she transferred to Martin Drives facility in Neenah after the first few years on the job. Then, I had my first child, and when I came back from maternity leave, I was able to float a bit from position to position, until the Accounts Payable position opened, and I applied for it.

She is excited to use her accounting skills to manage WSIs finances, including paying bills essential to the companys existence and continuing livelihood, like rental payments to warehouse landlords and utility charges. Now, shes added payroll and Attendance Enterprise to her list of responsibilities, helping coordinate weekly paychecks for the companys nearly 1,000 employees. Splitting the payables role with Allene Waybright and payroll with Joanne Wolff, Ann handles paychecks for American Warehouse, WSI Transportation team and Fulfillment Specialists of America. As the Accounting Department experiences a few retirements and gains new hires in the next year, Ann is excited for new challenges and opportunities this may bring.

She says what she loves most about her job is the variety of challenging and stimulating tasks she completes on a daily basis, including coordinating warehouse managers, vendors and internal customers, dealing with certificates of insurance and Attendance Enterprise.

In the past few years, Ann said shes enjoyed the melding of minds that came with moving into a consolidated Home Office. We can work together more, instead of separately, and eliminate some of that back-and-forth that used to happen when we were spread out at different locations, Ann said. I can walk over to Becky Blairs desk and give her information about communicating with vendors for certificates of insurance, if she needs it, rather than taking the extra step of emailing.

She spoke highly of her three daughters, ages 14, 17 and 20, saying they were all very different from one another but all three share extremely conscientious and high achieving behaviors and lifestyles.

I also love the flexibility WSI offers. I can balance my family and their band and doctors appointments, Ann said. Family comes first at WSI, which is so important to me. My daughters have some health issues, and I can still be at the hospital working from my laptop from afar, if needed.

Her incredible dedication reaches as far as working offsite from a hospital bedside! Thank you for your continued service, Ann.