Carson, California Location Prioritizes Both Safety and Life Balance - Dec 2016

During our 50th anniversary celebration, we want to acknowledge, thank and highlight a few of the many hardworking and loyal employees that embody WSI’s vision of Absolute Reliability to the customer, enthusiastic service to community and dedication to the balance between work and life.

Our Carson, Calif. team, which handles some of our customers’ highest-regulated, most-hazardous chemical materials, started up the Los Angeles-area facility in 2011. Chris Reynolds and Karl Hamilton specifically work on tank car loading and unloading, delicately handling rail cars filled with chemicals. Adan Herrera, Cruz Ibarra and Jorge Gutierrez are material handlers, and Felix Aragon and Gabriel Guardado are Client Service Representatives. This powerful combination of employees includes long-tenured WSI employees and newer faces.

Damon Rickenbacker, Carson’s facility manager, praised his team’s self-starting and attention to detail.

“I have key eyes in key places, and those eyes understand what they’re doing,” he said. “I have synergy; I’m not putting out major fires in operations. These guys are independently working in accordance with the Responsible Care program and local, state and federal regulatory guidelines.”

On Damon’s last trip for WSI work-related responsibilities, he was gone for 10 days and said the Carson facility employees ran the building flawlessly.

“Our company provides excellent training for handling dangerous goods. My guys maintain strict adherence to company policy and procedures, which allows for smooth warehouse operations,” he said. “Those leads and CSRs handle every customer and every operational task with no issues.”

Damon’s current warehouse lead, Adan Herrera, is working closely with Damon on the administrative side of the job, including managerial responsibilities, financials and reporting tasks. Damon contributes to Adan’s professional development by exposing him to multiple facets of warehouse operations. However, true to the WSI ethos of work-life balance, Damon ensures his employees find needed personal time.

“A couple of my guys are young enough that they’re in their first years of college,” Damon said. “I try to encourage continuous education and achieving personal academic goals.” He works with his employees’ work schedules to ensure both their work obligations and higher-learning pursuits can be met.

Damon indicated that the culture of safety at Carson is one of his proudest achievements at WSI so far. Aside from making significant strides in efficiency improvements by automating many activities at the facility, Carson is an active participant in Responsible Care, a national standard for the safe handling of chemicals.

“Responsible Care and the high standards it requires of chemical-handling 3PLs invokes the need to constantly self-improve, constantly evaluate, constantly look for opportunities to be safer,” he said.

Carson’s dedication to safety, productivity and smooth operations is second to none. Thank you for your continued service!