Frank Blation - Jan 2019

Frank began his logistics career with Exel Logistics in a tissue warehouse. This experience eventually led to his acceptance of a similar position with WSI Logistics. Through his career, he has worn many hats, including yard jockey, shipping/receiving office work, logistics coordinator, and part-time supervisor.  He is currently working as a lift truck operator in support of WSI’s consumer goods client, Kimberly Clark. In this role, he loads and unloads pulpers for the mill’s stock preparation operation as well as supports distribution in the warehouse.

Frank loves his work at WSI because of the company’s focus on safety in the workplace. He also appreciates the range of advancement and education opportunities that are provided to employees.

“I enjoy how management communicates,” he says, in reference to WSI’s atmosphere and the open door policy displayed by management at all levels.

In the near future, Frank hopes to represent the company at conferences and other special events where he can network with like-minded individuals and engage in learning opportunities about the logistics industry.

Outside of the warehouse, Frank enjoys hunting, fishing, and gaming on his PlayStation.

“On occasion, I also like to donate money to the casino,” he says.



Frank also has a large family, and appreciates WSI’s commitment to providing a positive balance between work and life for all its employees. He has a wife, three children (two girls and a boy), and eight grandchildren (seven girls, one boy). In his time away from the warehouse, he loves taking his large family to Main Event, a local entertainment center that offers bowling, video games, laser tag, food, and a range of other fun family activities.

“I’ve been married to my sweetheart for 34 years,” he says fondly. “My family motivates me in life. I really enjoy hanging with my grandchildren because they know everything about me. They know where to find all of my snacks!”

WSI appreciates Frank Blation for his commitment to WSI, his willingness to fill different roles and try new things, his love for his family, and perhaps most of all—for the sense of humor and positive attitude he brings to work with him every day. Thank you for your continued service to WSI and our customers, Frank. We’re all lucky to have you.