A Nimble Response to Customer's Changing Needs

Customer: Institutional Tissue Manufacturer

WSI Services: Warehousing / Distribution, Third Party Logistics, Transportation

Challenge: Immediate and long-term warehousing needs, improved location and efficiency

Solution: With a relationship that goes back over 30 years, WSI is much more than a warehouse specialist to a leading producer of institutional tissue products. They support the customer with everything from storage of "parent" tissue rolls, raw materials and finished products; to strategic advice and even trailer parking. "Over the years, as our needs would grow and subside, WSI would be there," says the company's Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager. "They always figure out a way to meet our needs."

So when the customer faced an intense supply chain challenge, they turned to their trusted partner. An expiring supply contract created an explosion in storage needs for parent tissue rolls. "They needed 350,000 square feet of storage, as close to the mill as possible, and needed it fast," said Patrick Sullivan, WSI sales and marketing representative. WSI worked quickly to accommodate the customer's immediate needs, plus find a more permanent solution.

Later, when re-bidding their storage needs, the customer chose WSI. After a collaborative planning process, WSI helped the paper manufacturer relocate nearly 2,000 truckloads of product within just six weeks to a warehouse nearer to the mill. Thanks to WSI's expertise in warehouse design and management, the customer was able to transition from a 440,000 square-foot leased space to a 387,000 square-foot warehouse owned by WSI. "This all occurred during our busiest time period and also during a global rebranding," explained the customer's Logistics Manager. "It could have been disastrous, but ended up successful. The key was the planning."

And because of WSI's expertise in the paper industry supply chain, the customer also uses the company as consultants when evaluating supply chain challenges at other plant locations in the United States. "They are national and seem to be located where we are or nearby."

But the heart of the relationship lies in the feeling of mutual partnership and trust. The customer summed it up by saying: "They have our best interest at heart as much as their own." To learn more, give us a call at 920.831.3700 or email us.


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