Denver-based WSI Accounting Employee Lois Naperola Balances Excellent Work Ethic with Active Lifestyle - Jun 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to acknowledge, thank and highlight a few of the many hardworking and loyal employees that embody WSIs vision of absolute reliability to the customer, enthusiastic service to the community and dedication to the balance between work and life, we would like to recognize Lois Naperola.

Lois Naperola currently works in the accounting group doing accounts payable, collections and financials. She also serves as a back-up Client Service Representative as part of WSIs group in Denver, Colorado. Lois was one of the first employees at American Warehouse Company (AWC) in 1974, which became part of WSI in 2002. Her dedication shines through in her daily commute; she bicycles (15 miles roundtrip) to work daily, a fact that came to light during this years National Bike to Work Week.

I try to ride every dayIve been doing that for many years, Lois said. I use it as an opportunity to relieve stress, and I find its really nice to start the day and end the day with a bike ride. Its like getting to go out for recess twice a day!

The varying weather she experiences every day on her bike mirrors Lois myriad of responsibilities at WSI. She said she really enjoys the variety of assignments and areas she works with at WSI.

My job has a little bit of everything. Thats fun. And, I still get to take care of my own financials, which I really like to do, Lois said, noting that she can always depend on her Wisconsin co-workers for support. There are lots of people I can go to if I have questions. Our small, tight-knit group here at WSI Denver makes it a great place to work. Im very grateful for that! Lois enjoys lifting her head up from the numbers and interacting with people, too, both in the office and afar.

I still get to keep in touch with some of our clients through my back-up CSR duties. A lot of them have been with us for the whole time Ive been here, she said. Some of the customers Ive talked to for 10, 20, 30 years. The longevity of those relationships are important.

In the next few years, Lois also would like to help with more projects at the Home Office in Appleton, Wisconsin. Her ability to multitask is surely impressive!

Her passion for the outdoors stretches to beyond biking, too. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking and is a member of the Pink Phantoms, a dragon boat racing team for breast cancer survivors. Lois trains with her team throughout the year and competes three to four times a year.


I also attend events with my team to promote the physical and emotional health benefits of dragon boating for breast cancer survivors, recruit new members and raise funds, Lois said. As a survivor of almost 5 years now, I was never much into support groups during my journey. But when I heard about the opportunity to join the Pink Phantoms and experience this avenue of exercise and camaraderie, it seemed like a perfect fit for me. It nurtures my love of water, exercise and travel. The team spirit is incredible!

"Our small, tight-knit group here at WSI Denver makes it a great place to work. I’m very grateful for that!”

Her daughter and grandchildren live in the Denver area, as well. We enjoy getting together as a family to hike and bike whenever we can, she said.

Naperolas dedication to WSI, her multiple assignments and her active, fit lifestyle is inspiring. Thank you for your continued service, Lois!