WSI and the Dairy State - Apr 2016

WSI and the Dairy State: Supporting Wisconsin's Dairy, Ag Industries

WSI is a Wisconsin-grown company. While we began as a response to a Fox Valley need paper roll storage for the regions then-numerous paper mills and paper products we also remained true to our roots as a company in the thriving Dairy State. Throughout our 50-year history, we have developed and maintained important partnerships with leading dairy and agriculture clients. Becoming the best at safely and competently handling dairya sensitive product that pests love to eat,when allowed into a mishandled sourcewas a priority for WSI as it began expanding into different commodity bases other than paper.

From whey products to non-fat dried milk byproduct that is made into top-of-the-line protein bars and nutritional shake mixes, to dried cranberries sold for both human and animal consumption, WSI can handle many dry food goods. Whats more, all of these dairy products are Wisconsin grown and made, helping the region live up to its Dairy State moniker. Similarly, cranberry bogs abound in Wisconsin; the state is the nations No. 1 producer of the tart fruit, growing about 57% of the nations total harvest.

However, most of these products are consumed well outside of our borders, in worldwide markets. Maintaining high-quality, food-grade warehousing conditions and adhering to strict export regulations and shipping deadlines are of utmost importance to our dry food clients. By adhering to our rigorous Condition, Count and Time standards, and obeying all possible food safety regulations, WSI ensures our clients products leave the warehouse undamaged and in the best possible shape for the journey overseas. Our exacting methods of ensuring all products arrive and ship on time encourage our foods clients to stay with us, year after year.

The constant awareness required to handle these products is prevalent at the WSI facilities in which they are stored. The second a bags packaging is compromised, i.e., if it breaks and the product becomes exposed to air and the other food products in the facility, the product inside the bag is both a contaminant and is contaminated. Pathogens must be kept at bay at all times. WSI prevents this kind of contamination every minute of every day through the careful handling our clients food products.

Maintaining stringent food safety standards and food-grade procedures, any damaged bags of food product are disposed of immediately. In cases when a truck arrives with broken bags, the trailer is led away from the facility building and carefully vacuumed and cleaned before being allowed to return to the dock. However, these instances are few and far between.

In fact, WSI has gotten so proficient at preventing rips and spills that we now play a key role in evaluating the bags in which the food products ship, to help the client ensure the packaging is of acceptable quality before shipment. We submit these quality reports to our clients, to help their business address any bag manufacturing issues and improve bag production quality.

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Rob Kriewaldt
Director of Client Solutions
Twitter: @WSI_Logistics