WSI Assistant Manager Craig Humphrey Demonstrates Inspiring Motivation and Ambition - Jul 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to acknowledge, thank and highlight a few of the many hardworking and
loyal employees that embody WSIs vision of absolute reliability to the customer, enthusiastic service to
the community and dedication to the balance between work and life, we would like to recognize Craig

Craig currently works as the assistant manager for both the chemical and plastics buildings in the
Baytown, Tex. area for WSIs major chemical customer, Covestro. He began working at WSI in 2010,
bringing a material handling and warehouse management background with him. Craigs hard work,
reliability and dedication helped him quickly move up the WSI operations ranks.

I was actually a forklift operator and Billy Vance interviewed me, Craig recalled. Pretty shortly after,
they asked me if I wanted to be the warehouse lead for shipping in Dallas.

Devoted to learning as much as possible about the warehousing business and WSI as a company, Craig
became a Client Service Representative about a year later. In 2014, he became a CSR lead. Shortly
thereafter, he was back in operations as the work-up for the facility manager in WSIs Baytown chemical
building. His current role as the versatile assistant manager for both Baytown buildings fills varying
needs, both in operations and customer service.

“If the guys in the warehouse need help, I can help jump on a lift, or I can help the CSRs in the office – scheduling tickets or loading truckloads,” Craig said. “(My manager) really gave me the chance to prove myself to him.”

Craig emphasized that he loves helping people and loves solving problems. In the next few years, he
said, if the time is right, he would jump at the opportunity to become a facility manager. His ambition
and motivation have already led to several cost-savings projects for WSI and Covestro, including
expanding a driveway and rock pad to allow more trailers to be loaded and unloaded and instituting a
drum tracking program. Craig also was instrumental during the recent contract renewal process with

I like helping and the fact that Covestro trusts me enough to ask for my opinion on the account, he
said. I value and appreciate the support my supervisor has given me.

Outside of work, Craig is just as active and ambitious, citing hunting, fishing and being outdoors as some
of his favorite activities.

I mainly enjoy hanging out with my family on the weekend being outside, being active, he said of his
wife Veronica and youngest daughter Adryanna, both pictured with Craig above.

Humphreys dedication to WSI, his versatile roles and his career is inspiring. Thank you for your
continued service, Craig!