WSI CSR Leanne Zellner is an Expert with Chemical Accounts - Jun 2018

Leanne is a Client Services Representative for WSIs chemical accounts in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Shes been working with the Allentown office for 22 years. She was hired in 1996, and was the first person hired to work at that location.

Prior to working with WSI, Leanne spent several years with Exel Logistics (formerly Trammel Crow Distribution Warehouse) in several roles, including human resources/payroll, customer service, order processing, carrier routing, and shipping and receiving. This combined experienced left her well-suited to handle the varying supply chain needs of WSIs clients.

When I started working here 22 years ago, I worked with several different paper roll accounts and gradually incorporated some of the smaller chemical accounts in to my daily schedule over the years, Leanne says. Eventually, I took over and have worked with all the chemical accounts since March of 2013.

Leanne has been with WSI for more than two decades because she enjoys coming to work every day and helping customers meet goals and overcome problems. She excels at flexibility, and her positive attitude is contagious to both her co-workers and her customers.

I enjoy many things about my job, but mostly my daily interaction with co-workers and interactions with my customers. I am constantly learning new things, and I get to help others, Leanne says.

WSI prides itself on providing employees with a great work/life balance. As such, Leanne enjoys an active life outside of the office thats full of hobbies. She enjoys gardening, crafts, and travelling around to find good deals on antiques at yard sales. She doesnt do these things alone. She shares these hobbies with her family and friends.

Leanne especially values time spent with her family. She has two children. Her daughter Alyssa is grown and moved out, but her son David still lives at home. Leanne also has a granddaughter.


“My overall favorite thing to do is to spend as much time as possible with my granddaughter Willow!” Leanne says.

Leanne Zellners dedication to WSI, her willingness to grow and adapt with the changing needs of the company, her active lifestyle, and her fulfilled home life are inspiring to all of us here at WSI. Thank you for your continued service, Leanne!