WSI Facility Manager Jim Sikorski Demonstrates Commitment With Over 35 Years At WSI - Feb 2018

As part of our ongoing effort to acknowledge, thank, and highlight hardworking and loyal employees that embody WSI’s vision of absolute reliability to the customer, enthusiastic service to the community, and dedication to the balance between work and life, we would like to recognize Jim Sikorski.

Jim Sikorski works as the manager for five WSI facilities across Central Wisconsin, including warehouses in Stevens Point, Plover, and Wisconsin Rapids. He’s been in this role for a decade, but he’s been with the company much longer. He began as a part-time employee at the Plover warehouse back in 1981, and spent five years in that role until he was offered a management position. When the Stevens Point location opened, he was asked to lead that facility as well. After the retirement of the Wisconsin Rapids-area manager in 2008, Jim took over those additional three facilities.

“I worked five years part-time with WSI when I thought it was my last day,” Jim says. “I needed a full-time job and was expecting that Friday would be my last. I walked into the office and someone was there. It was Bob Schroeder. He asked me if my name was Jim, and if I could run the warehouse. I said yes, and I went from part-time worker to manager. Thirty-seven years later, I’m working for same company. It must’ve been great omen, Bob showing up that day that I thought was my last.”

When someone spends several decades with the same company, it’s obvious they love their work. Jim is no exception. As a manager and leader across WSI’s Central Wisconsin operation, he carries the responsibility of training and supervising a varied workforce. As a hands-on manager, he finds this type of engagement with his employees rewarding, and enjoys rolling up his sleeves.

“I love teaching employees – teaching them all the skills and procedures it takes to perform the tasks we need to achieve, and watching the results,” Jim says.

Juggling multiple facilities can be taxing on a manager, but Jim is up to the responsibility. The varied requirements of the role keep him on his toes, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love the variety of the job. I like the challenges of working with several warehouses and around 40 employees. I get bored easily, so when things are constantly changing I feel right at home. I’m a competitor and I love challenges,” Jim says.

When it comes to the future of the company, Jim wants to continue providing a positive environment for his employees. He’s also excited about WSI’s research into new tools and processes to increase accuracy and productivity, which will further improve the company’s ability to serve their customers.

Outside of work, Jim enjoys tending to his lawn: “If you’re a weed, you’re dead in my yard,” he says. He also loves hunting and fishing, and takes an annual trip to Canada to pursue those passions. He also travels to the Dakotas to hunt geese with three of his buddies several times per year.

Jim is also excited about his growing family. He has two grown children, one granddaughter, and he’s expecting a grandson very soon.

Jim’s dedication to WSI, his flexibility in taking on different roles and responsibilities, his active lifestyle, and his positivity are inspiring. Thank you for your continued service, Jim!